Hey my life started out as a great little boy on November the 8th, 1985. I rapidly grew up loving science and computers, my father taught me tonnes and by the time I was ten I was writing my own html sites, this then grew on me.

Once I was in grade 10 we had to choose our subjects I couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted to be as it was a lot to place on a child, so I had chosen English, Afrikaans, Maths, Science, Biology, Computer-Science, History, Geography & Technical Drawing.

This was too much stress and dropped history, geography and technical drawing in grade 12. I Matriculated in 2004. Continued to study Graphic design for which they didn't want to accept me for my lack of art in high school, but I persevered and graduated in 2006 with my N6 National Diploma, but this wasn't enough I found my passion laid else where in Animation, and Compositing

I studied Animation at the National Electronic Media Institute of Southern Africa (Nemisa) for 3 years and graduated with several 3D Diplomas and a Traditional Animation Diploma, there I learned about everything from Paper Animation to Matte Painting and Compositing Several Layers in Autodesk Combustion and integrating 3D Studio Max renderings into Adobe Premiere and exporting layers to composite heavily layered shots.