A long time ago....

In a galaxy far far away. So now that the little tribute to star wars has been paid.. okay where the hell do I start EVE Online : Oddessy is gonna bring about the null sec pew pew revolution whilst.. making Russian macro bots cry tears.. Mineral changes faction battle cruisers and more yay final CCP is making a game and not a second career for most of us..

Next I will say Ironman 3 was absolutely awesome I think it really shows what tony starks biggest failures can look like.. also watched the fast and the furious 6 also awesome fun except for the retard antov fight scene for 10 minutes film makers please do background research. That plane is so big it can barely land...

On another happier note Star Wars The Old Republic is quite fun even in free to play mode.. I did get a glass canon With Maurder

See u all soon
fly dangerous


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