What is the norm...

So now that the world hasn't ended for what the 3rd time in one year, congratulations to all the nubs that believed we wouldn't be here now... in this year of 2013.

To everyone Best Wishes and maybe this year bring you Money and Honey.. lolz. As most of you know me and know what my day job is, and what an animator entails you might be wondering what has been happening in that wonderfully exciting world? Well a big shout out is in order to my buddy Zweli Mbalo you know who you are and the fine work you produced in the End of the world Year..  

Here are a few rants i have come across in the working world, well firstly lets just say Adobe, Adobe, Adobe what the hell where you thinking when you decided lets make like four programs that all need to be tethered together on some form of life support that, is not only frustrating at the best of times but enfuriating at the worst.. Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Soundbooth and Encore.. What the hell were you thinking Adobe please for crying out why not merge all 4 into one program, I'm sure the CTRL+C keys work on your keyboards, but lets try this with the code for each one, really launch a 4 programs to put together one yes one DVD, i mean really...

Anyways Rant over next...

Well one of the guys is leaving my bosses company so if your looking for work in the Architectural Animation field send me a mail, of course we use 3DS Max and VRay and a few minor editing packages but meah really they are easily enough picked up.. for any info see the work site www.mediacontact.co.za or simply hit my link to my 3D Gallery for some of my personal works.

Okay so now its time to look forward the 2013 programs on my list to Learn:

modo 601
ZBrush4 (already know 3.5)
Vue 10x

mmmmm what to say,,, well today is my four Month aniversary with my wonderful gf, you know who you are babe. MwaHz

Other things I wanna do within the next 3 months are sort out my 2013 Showreel, yes it will be heavily Enviroment based but wanna do a bust and maybe if i can cram a 30sec or minute long animation in my schedule would be great to do a little something for the world

Peace, Love, War it doesn't matter where you are or what your doing we all have it in our lives.
Warren / Seer


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