That time of the month again!

Well its that time of the month again where I bother to login in and blarp about something new, Well two movies on the must see list this month are X-Men First Class and Transformers: Dark side of the moon, and for those of you still calling it dark of the moon don't, stand but that record companies that obviously gave the Movie company crap for wanting to use a Pink Floyd track as the title.. but hey.. the movie company obviously didn't give in and renamed it..

Also on a happier note i have been playing Crysis 2 for a while now and I can say the game play is thoroughly stomach wrenching whilst playing on Eyefinity, thanks ATI for that wonderful tech that can surround my head with mind blistering graphics at ridiculous resolutions like 5760x1080 i mean meah who needs, HD all i have to say is if i had the 3D Glasses, i would probably puke on my Reclusa keyboard. because of the Sick (Good) graphics, and the fact the Crytek studios developed this game and it works is wonderful. but my mind cant handle running towards and alien infested labyrinth, whilst shooting, and dropping the suit into armor mode, whilst the whole world is crumbling around me and i am on a 14 degree title, is so action packed, it results in me being able to either blitz a level and stop playing or get stuck, get nauseated and stop playing.... But hey great game

In my EVE online lives i have moved from Warped Aggression to Cascade Immeninent and making some ISKies training for a Zealot and Ishtar to roam with the cool kids.

And yeah will try ninja some more pictures from work to show you guys what my portfolio is getting up to :-)

Enjoy You day, evening, or morning


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