Solidiers of the One

  Well I have been playing this game Assasins Creed : Brotherhood, which i can firmly give a 76% How can I throw up that number so easily, well it is an entertaining game but, is still much of the same with many improvements, some of the things that this third installment brings to the field is Multiplayer..

this is something that Ubisoft normally fails at, when games like Splinter Cell come to mind ... Yup this is much better but still is lacking a lot of playability, things like when defending chests you can only use defensive weapons and counters, you Cant simply play the game of speed, which is sad, because this is one of the things i excel at is not locating targets but when they find me i normally kill them first, this is Highly frustrating having to run away..

One thing I do like is the whole concept of being able to unlock more of the game by becoming a better Multiplayer person, and then purchasing expansions with the uPlay credits supplied, to unlock more of the hidden truths about Leonardo Da Vinci who in real life is one of my all time favorite inventors, and artists..

I am currently enjoying the Singleplayer storyline and even the short video made for the Multiplayer ties into the Singleplayer side of things if you read into it that much. but hey thats the story I leave with you, with this..
"Nothing is true; everything is permitted"


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