25th March 2011 - Judgement Day Arirves

Well this evening started off like anyother get home and jam some EVE, but with a twist little did I know whilst i was grinding down some rats in T-7 my entire Alliance of Warped Aggression was a mere pods hop away in full fledged battle.. we increased a Black Ops drop into a fully fledged Capital Ship bombardment, whilst we were hammering away at the enemy they Called in their New Titan pilot, who bridged into system in time to see our Super Capitals pounding there Super Capitals, Titan bridges in and Judgement day arrived fairly swiftly with all 8 Carriers being downed, and 4 of the enemies Carriers being downed... Here are some shots taken by LondonK

  And yes that Giant Mother of a Yellow Beam of Light is the Avatars Doomsday weapon... Aka Judgement
this weapon has the power to instantly destroy a Carrier and can fire every 600 seconds..

Due to the Extreme losses on either side DMNA and PF have agreed to a cease fire for the moment... :-p


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