yARR 27-02-2011 Aka Seers DrunKen Fleet
Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:00 pm
Location: South Africa
Well we started the DrunKen Fleet off with 5 members coming to fleet, we roamed down to 0T-LIB to see if we couldn't catch Mark and his lackies, but to no avail, we then went to tnn and couldnt catch anything there on our return Quicks was in z-6 but ran from us, we then started heading to 5j with the knowledge of 4 reds that had jumped into 5J once seer arrived in 5j the intel was so bad there was actually +13 reds, then i ran the fleet around via 0-ct as i was in lgl, and didnt have eyes, i requested Opportunis to get eyes in 1h4v in the mean time i had a few drinks, whilst trying to catch up. Thorax jumped a few seconds before i could in got eyes in 1h4v the red fleet of Bang bang was waiting for us i made the discision to run the fleet waiting in oc on the 1h4 gate to the pos, whilst myself and oppurinist burnt through the bubble back to o-ct the thorax fell on the return run, seer made it out at 70% armor..
once they moved to 5J i jumped us to 1h4v and grabbed two jammer blackbirds and precided to get back into the fight we then headed up to jvj where we encountered a malediction, cynabal, nemisis, seer hero tackled the cynabal, and gave the command to jump and warp to seer and agress devil alex, seer;s tyranis went down very quickly to the cyna, and malediction, devil alyx ran as soon as i was down, we then jumped to l6b and burnt back to the gate, we held on the gate whilst i got my onyx out of 5j, i had our ceptor ian jump trought to jvj and hold on l6b gate, a sabre came in from 2b and popped a bubble on the l6b gate in jvj whilst the cynabal went for the inty, at this point i noticed 20+ reds jump in behind us i have the order to jump to NOT AGRESS burn directly out the bubble and RUN Best speed for 5J sabre had run for 5J and fail Stop Bubbled but in the wrong place we all landed on the gate, in pursuit of us was 3 Macherials, 1 Cynabal 2x Huginns, 2 Drakes, 3 Canes, Phantasm and serveral others we had 30+ reds following us we all made it to station in top station in 5J.. got us home with minimal losses..

Pros : we Lived mostly...

Cons : we lost a 3 and got no kills...

http://warped.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_deta ... id=9015511 - Thorax
http://warped.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_deta ... id=9015571 - Taranis
http://warped.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_deta ... id=9015634 - Hurricane

FC: - Seer Moirai
2nd FC - Kaelo
+1 Ceptor Ian Morro

Thanks All for coming try again soon


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