Work till you stop, drop, and Roll... Ahhh!!

Hey all haven't had much time to doing anything of late, between traffic, work, overtime, EVE and trying to find a new girlfriend has almost killed me. ohh wait dont get me started on the political crap that has occurred in my real life, lest i start on the gaming side of things, there is no time to work, and none to play, so please figure out where that times gone aloof .. But anyways now that I have had my monthly rant, been having fun with all the guys from RKK disbanding and moving in next door to me, I have even started learning how to FC and write AARs  (after action reports) for my Alliance, whilst dualboxing (playing to eve online clients at once) this is more than taxing on my brain after a long 15 hour day at work.. meah who cares because my boss is absolutely awesome.  Things I'm Getting excited about are:
Crysis 2 - Game
Fear 3 - Game
and I am actually in a weird place where I have discovered I enjoy latin Dancing hehe :-)
Movies i have watched Recently and can rate:

Tron: Legacy 8 / 10 use of 3D ( 9 /10)
This had the second best usage of 3D tech I ve seen because its not just for layering a movie but for actually showing you becoming part of the story..

Unstoppable 7.9 / 10
Goes to show Chris pine and Densel still have it and I think more people around the world should pay attention to these style of movies.. Brilliantly Simple Storyline... follows all the right rules, make a problem, have some characters fix it :-) sometimes id10ts get involved and think they need 3D or bombs to sell a movie, no you simply need good old fashioned story telling :-)


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