Building Worlds

Hey I have been on two of Media Contacts Biggest and most badass flythroughs ever!! This is photoreal quality and we are getting better and faster, more intelligent ways of multitasking together to get the most insane foliage and construction your ever gonna see, too all the guys that were at Nemisa with me, and are reading this.. hope your having as much fun as I am here.. this is a Great project it reminds me of the Telkom New Technology ad that we saw at Luma, but just 3x as much contruction and 10x more texturing, thank the gods we havent got to the point where we start building photo real characters into the animations because, then i might never sleep again.. hehe anyways have updated the 3D Gallery a bit more you can now start seeing a development that ive gone through within a year of leaving our beloved Nemisa.. PS Tebogo when are we getting our Certs ??? Huhuhu???


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