Welcome to Media Contact Mr Panayides

Hey now that I have been working for Media contact for 3 months I assume my boss likes me enough to keep me around a bit longer.. Lol we can only hope :-) but enough chit chat, whilst in my new job I have been working on some very cool projects which if i can convince my boss to let me upload then you will probally see them onlined shortly. But hey other wise life is going well after my ex dumped my ass, and ninja'd half my friends, I started my second EVE Online account and how fun it is to take on a universe with a fleet of your own ships :-) hehe yes I know I am a nerd, but I honestly don't give a shit. So anyways back to work back to reality hey, that reminds me to all of us peeps that studied at NEMISA we need our certificates one day please, before i die of old age.. Thanks


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