Tyrannis delayed?!?

Two days ago, I was a disappointed capsuleer yet again, CCP has delayed the release of Tyrannis till the 26th of May, whilst that is annoying you. Here is something that you can grind your mind on. CCP has created this whole new planetary control system with Tactical Command Centers, for you to mine planets for more minerals, so on the 26th when everyone gets excited to train the next gen of planetary skills, they should be reminded yet again buy CCP, delaying you of these Key components known as Command Centers until the 8th of June! Why CCP, Oh Why? Is what you might be asking yourself, well in the simple truth it is being done this way to give a low SP capsuleer time to wrap his puny brain around the whole Tyrannis update so the older characters cant swoop in and steal all the best spots in Hi Sec, However if this is the case why aren't the lower and null sector planets more "Rich" in the rarer ores?
if this is so then why delay the Command Centers for me the initial delay is irritating and the secondary delay, um how to say this getting tiresome.. Well I've been waiting for CCP to release Incarna or Walking in stations for nearly 2 years, what has happened to all the sweet graphics for atmospheric flight and that juicy stuff, I get the impression that CCP is trying to put everything off to prevent lag. But to what point on that the releases never come out.


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