Mac vs PC

Hey all I'd like to share my views with you all about the misconceptions of Apple Mac and Windows 7 instabilities, please note that as I have started a new job and work everyday on a Mac, and i have worked on a Windows machine i can tell you there is only one difference between mac and windows. It is very simple and has a far reaching aspect that goes all the way back to Windows 95, it is known as DirectX this is the driving force behind almost all games and major released titles.

-Snow Leopard crashes in application mode  X
-Windows 7 crashes in application mode X

-Snow Leopard lack of drivers and apps X
-Windows 7 near full driver support Y

-Snow Leopard lack of Game titles X
-Windows 7 Full Game titles & Emulators Y

-Snow Leopards installation time is good  Y
-Windows 7 installation time is almost identical  Y

-Snow Leopards safari is not as good as IE X 
-Windows 7 Internet Explorer is far better and more adaptable than Safari Y

-->Snow Leopard scores a 1 out 5

-->Windows 7 scores 4 out of 5


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