Insane Obscienty

Today I was having fun playing EVE Online, war deccing a friends corp, in a computer game has almost ended a real life friendship. Is is possible to loose friends over something as basic as a game?

Whilst I was not the only one in the Corp the responsibility came down solely on me whether or not to declare this war. This then cause must pain and grief as expected, but then brought about a whole different type of war that wasn't expected due to the simple fact that, when one friend wants to be difficult and not listen to both sides of a story the war started. This is now a on going event that I will be having fun with in the future. My personal problem at the moment is what to fly solo in My Drake, Rokh, Neutgeddon, Harpy, Sniper Tempest, or my Manticore? mmm big decisions to come.

How to take down a Large Pos with Lasers is going to be fun I think, especially as I myself dont have either a carrier or a dread, this posses a special type of problem that can only be remedied by old time friends of my Seer Moirai Character!


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